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LED-ALU profiles are offered to you directly by the manufacturer of the VON ADELBERG® brand. Aluminum profiles for LED lighting from the VON ADELBERG® brand increase the spatial value through the modern and linear design as well as cool and protect your LED strips and thus significantly extend the service life of the LED lighting.

Indoor area – ceiling and wall: living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, dining room, study, winter garden, hallway, veranda.

The assembly of the flat aluminum strips for LEDs is very easy and can be achieved quickly by simply clicking the covers into the LED aluminum strips. With the help of mounting clips, you can easily attach the profiles to the wall or ceiling.
This means that such LED aluminum strips are as easy to maintain as possible. The end caps form the end. End caps with or without a hole for the LED cable, depending on the location and purpose

PROTECTION CLASS IP20: - suitable for indoor use
MATERIAL: anodized aluminum
OPAL COVER (milky, white): Thanks to the milky cover (opal), the individual light points of the LED stripes are barely visible. The light transmission of the whitish cover is approx. 67% and is ideal for direct lighting. These covers are made of high-quality PMMA or acrylic glass and are brittle, but offer the enormous advantage that they do not yellow when used outdoors
CLEAR (transparent): Thanks to the transparent/clear cover (made of PC - light transmission of approx. 95%), the individual LED light points can be seen directly. It works well with indirect lighting. The great advantage of this cover is the high light transmission and thus almost the maximum luminosity of your LED strips, with little loss of light.
The LED strips are passively cooled using our VON ADELBERG® LED profiles, which extends the service life of the LED strips.
The design of the VON ADELBERG® brand is modern and aesthetic.
Depending on the type, the PMMA covers provide adapted lighting and protect the LED strip from dust and external influences.

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